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Cleaning Up After a Flood

Extreme weather is sometimes unpredictable. If your property’s been hit by a flood, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Hilton Head, South Carolina can step in and help you clean up and salvage your items.

Immediately After a Flood

Take any emergency measures to ensure safety and limit any damages to your property. If you do have flood insurance, make sure to reach out and have your provider send out a loss adjuster to asses any damages. The insurer should also arrange for alternative accommodation.

Cleaning and Drying Out

After the loss adjuster has come to your house to assess the damages, you should remove all of your belongings out of the house in order to start the drying out process. After a huge flood, the last thing you want is more damages. Our Hilton Head movers offer packing services to get your belongings out of your house, the safe and smart way. Let us take as much stress off you as possible. Our professionals can take care of any move you need performed. We have the necessary tools and packing services to get your life back to normal after a flood.

Moving Back in After a Flood

Once the drying process is complete, the loss adjuster will arrange for any electrician, plumber, or builder to come to your house. After everything is restored, your loss adjuster will let you know when it’s safe to move back into your house. Our professional Hilton Head packing services will take care of the unpacking when you are able to move back into your house. Leave the hard part to us. Contact us today for a free packing quote.

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