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Getting Rid of Old Clothes Before Moving to Hilton Head

It’s time to start packing for your big move to Hilton Head. Packing can take a long time and requires lot of patience when it comes to making a move. One way we can cut down some time and save money is getting rid of old clothes before making a move.

Take a look in your closet: How many of your shirts are hanging up that you haven’t touched in the last year? Maybe some even longer than that? It’s about time you disconnect yourself from that hideous 90’s shirt and move on.

Look through the bottom of your drawers. There’s probably a good chance that you will come out with a pile of old clothes that don’t fit, or you didn’t even know you owned anymore. Sure, there may be some articles of clothing that have a special meaning and memory behind them, but not all do.

For those clothes you just can’t seem to let go of, we understand, maybe moving to Hilton Head will help you move on eventually. As for the other pile of clothes that have no memories attached, the garbage can is looking mighty empty right now. Roll it the up and take a shot: don’t worry no one will know when you miss.

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