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Packing on a Budget When Moving to Hilton Head

The time for your move to Hilton Head is quickly approaching, you haven’t started packing and your budget is getting tight. Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage has some tips to help you save a few bucks before you burn a hole in your pocket.

The first tip for packing on a budget is pack yourself. Yes, it may take longer than professional packers but it will cost you way less. Besides, you can decide how much extra padding your fragile pieces need.

Depending how much stuff you really have to pack can determine the cost of your packing supplies. Truthfully, there are ways to get free packing supplies if you look in the right places. The quality is not always guaranteed, but online there are always people looking to take or giveaway unwanted supplies that are just taking up space. Do your research before making a purchase.

Don’t pack unwanted goods. Too often many people hold on to battered clothes they haven’t worn in years or old toys and household items that don’t need to make the move. Instead of moving it to a new location and having it collect dust there as well, look to make a quick buck that could be used for supplies for the items that really need to be packed.

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