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Pro vs. Daylabors

These days there are so many imposters it is hard to tell what you can trust. That is true for the moving industry also. It seems that just about anyone can be movers. Heck, if you get a couple of your friends together and buy a trailer even you can be a mover, right? It doesn’t take much to look like a mover. A pick-up truck and trailer, some paint, and a nifty company name then BAM! Instant moving company. That happens more than you might think. These so-called “movers” are not licensed, not insured, and not professional. When you move you aren’t just moving your home, you are moving your life, and how can you trust day laborers to move your life? All of your belongings have some sort of sentimental value or at least a memory or two. These aren’t things you want to have to replace because you chose the wrong company. All My Sons Moving and Storage is a professional moving company that has your best interests in mind. You need a mover that cares about you. While those other guys are worried about how much money they’re going to get out of you, I’m worried about carefully quilt pad wrapping your furniture so that it is protected during the move. When I move you I don’t think about prolonging your move or dragging my feet. I think about making sure your belongings arrive safely at your new home in the same condition that they left you. I focus on taking the stress off of your shoulders because, let’s face it, moving is a stressful thing. I know this because I’ve moved several times and if you have someone looking out for you, it is a little bit easier. That is why it is so important to know that there is a difference between movers and PROFESSIONAL movers. Trust me; you’ll notice the difference as soon as you choose All My Sons Moving & Storage as your professional Hilton Head Mover.

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