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You’re planning a move to Hilton Head but there’s no way to get out of your busy schedule. Here are some tips to make your busy schedule move just a little bit easier.

Start in advance so that you have enough time to tackle the move at a slow pace. The sooner you get your packing products and start packing, the better. Start with the items in your house that are never used and won’t have any effect on your day whether they’re packed or not.

Although packing here and there may seem like a good idea, it’s only a good place to start. Look to put together a plan of the entire move and stick to it. The most efficient moves are always devised around a set plan.

The most important aspect of doing a move around a busy schedule is hiring professional movers and packers. If you do have a consistently busy schedule, trying to pull off everything yourself may set you back from moving on the day you want to. The full-service movers at All My Sons have the packing products and services to complete any move efficiently around your schedule.

Once the move is complete, don’t try to unpack in a day. Unpack your necessary, daily items and continue to unpack around your schedule. It’s your stuff- there’s no rush to get it all unpacked in a day if you simply do not have the time. Take your time when your unpacking, and properly store your packing products just in case you need to use them again.

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Moving can be costly, but the expenses and prices shouldn’t be a big surprise once the move is over. As one of your Hilton Head moving company’s we warn you, other companies will charge hidden fees that you may not know about. With All My Sons Moving & Storage, you save on packing services and avoid the hidden costs that other companies will randomly throw at you.

Packing and Labor costs should not come as a surprise, nor a hidden fee. At the beginning of the process, you will have a one-on-one meeting with a certified packing consultant that directly discusses all charges and adheres to your budget so nothing comes at a surprise during the move. You have enough to worry about – hidden fees should not be one of them.

Another dastardly charge moving companies may shock you with is a fee for handling bulky items. As professionals, we understand that you will have large, bulky, heavy items that need to be moved as well. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us, so we don’t surprise you with a fee for moving it. It’s part of moving your belongings, it’s part of you, so there should be no hidden fee attached.

If the moving company you are thinking about hiring is not discussing costs for distance, then you need to hire a different company. There is a chance that moving companies will look to charge a certain amount per feet that your belongings are moved. We know it sounds crazy, and you will go crazy after everything is moved and that charge is on your bill. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a sketchy moving company when you have the opportunity to hire the white-glove service of All My Sons Moving. We want to you to save on packing services, not steal from you.

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The time for your move to Hilton Head is quickly approaching, you haven’t started packing and your budget is getting tight. Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage has some tips to help you save a few bucks before you burn a hole in your pocket.

The first tip for packing on a budget is pack yourself. Yes, it may take longer than professional packers but it will cost you way less. Besides, you can decide how much extra padding your fragile pieces need.

Depending how much stuff you really have to pack can determine the cost of your packing supplies. Truthfully, there are ways to get free packing supplies if you look in the right places. The quality is not always guaranteed, but online there are always people looking to take or giveaway unwanted supplies that are just taking up space. Do your research before making a purchase.

Don’t pack unwanted goods. Too often many people hold on to battered clothes they haven’t worn in years or old toys and household items that don’t need to make the move. Instead of moving it to a new location and having it collect dust there as well, look to make a quick buck that could be used for supplies for the items that really need to be packed.

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It’s time to start packing for your big move to Hilton Head. Packing can take a long time and requires lot of patience when it comes to making a move. One way we can cut down some time and save money is getting rid of old clothes before making a move.

Take a look in your closet: How many of your shirts are hanging up that you haven’t touched in the last year? Maybe some even longer than that? It’s about time you disconnect yourself from that hideous 90’s shirt and move on.

Look through the bottom of your drawers. There’s probably a good chance that you will come out with a pile of old clothes that don’t fit, or you didn’t even know you owned anymore. Sure, there may be some articles of clothing that have a special meaning and memory behind them, but not all do.

For those clothes you just can’t seem to let go of, we understand, maybe moving to Hilton Head will help you move on eventually. As for the other pile of clothes that have no memories attached, the garbage can is looking mighty empty right now. Roll it the up and take a shot: don’t worry no one will know when you miss.

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Hilton Head Island is one of the most famous beach towns in the South. Located in South Carolina, Hilton Head is known for its Atlantic Ocean beaches and golf courses. If you are headed to one of the many beautiful Hilton Head resorts, you need to check out this guide for packing for a vacation to Hilton Head resorts. The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have put together this list to get you on your way to a relaxing beach vacation!

First, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the important documents with you: driver’s license, credit cards, cash, health insurance cards and any hotel confirmation information. Now, you can focus on the “more” important stuff- your beachwear!

You’ll want to make sure that you have swimsuits, cover ups, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, jeans, capris, dinner outfits, pajamas and flip flops. If you think you’ll find yourself running on the beach or working out at the gym, you should also pack some workout clothes and sneakers.

Since you’re going to one of Hilton Head’s most amazing resorts, you most likely won’t need any umbrellas or beach chairs. You do need a beach bag, sunscreen, lip balm and maybe a blanket for the kids to sit in the sand. If you have room in your suitcase you should bring some beach toys, floats (deflated, of course) and goggles for the kids to play with. If you don’t have room, you can always buy cheap ones once you are on the island.

Once you’re ready to take on the big task of packing and moving to Hilton Head, call us for a stress-free relocation.

When you are moving to Hilton Head, you obviously want the best service that you can get. The professional Hilton Head movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to tell you how to select the best island packers in Hilton Head!

You should start finding your best island packers by getting referrals, since it can be daunting scouring the Internet looking through hundreds of movers. If you can, ask your friends, family and colleagues for any recommendations.

Once you find some companies that you are interested in, you should get multiple estimates. After you get a couple of estimates, you’ll have a good idea for what you’re working with. Our Hilton Head movers also recommend not just going for the cheapest estimate just because it’s the cheapest. You should make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with each estimate.

Any reputable moving company should be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. It’s definitely important to check this out before you commit to any island packers.

Researching the moving company on the Better Business Bureau is always a good idea. It is a free tool for you, and any company that is BBB accredited or has a good rating is usually a good place to start. If the moving company isn’t listed with the BBB, it’s a good idea to start looking for one that is.

Ultimately, you want to choose the Hilton Head movers that you feel the most comfortable with. You want to make sure that your belongings are in the hands of people who will treat them like their own.

For quality and care in your moving process, call All My Sons Hilton Head Movers today.

If you’re doing your own packing when you are moving to Hilton Head, the Hilton Head movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage recommend that you do it room by room. Doing this will keep you a heck of a lot more organized, and you’ll be so relieved that you did it this way. Our team of Hilton Head movers have created this packing checklist to help keep you on track when you are moving to Hilton Head.

The key to a seamless packing process is having the right packing supplies. You need to make sure you have an ample number of boxes, padding, blankets, tape and labels.

Next, you want to start in the kitchen and you want to pack the refrigerator, dishes, glasses, silverware, small appliances and food.

In the dining room, you want your dining room table, chairs and rugs. If possible, you should remove the legs from the table and wrap them in blankets.

The living room is going to be the most difficult, because you probably have the most stuff in here. You want to make sure that you pack up all your couches, chairs, electronics, TV stands, shelves, artwork, tables, lamps, books and rugs.

In the bedroom, you should start by breaking down any beds and folding clothes. If you have any high-end jewelry, you should keep that in a small container with you during the move.

When packing up your bathroom, you should use a separate box, because your bathroom is the first thing you’re going to want to set up at your new house.

Hiring a moving company can be overwhelming, because you want to make sure you’re putting your belongings in the hands of trusted movers. There are common scams that can be associated with rogue movers, so you want to do your research to make sure you avoid this. When you’re moving to Hilton Head, you want to make sure you’re getting the most reliable mover, so the professional movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this list of questions to ask your movers and packers.

How long have you been in business?

Just because a person runs a moving company doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good at their job. However, in moving and packing, practice makes perfect. So, if a company has been in business for a long time, there is a good chance they are still around for a reason.

Do you have the necessary equipment?

The right size moving truck, dollies, and the correct hoisting equipment are important keys to success during your move. It’s important that your moving company has the tools to safely move your belongings.

Is your company properly licensed?

Any moving company that is a member of the American Mover and Storage Association has to comply with federal laws. Membership to the AMSA is voluntary, but if a moving company is a member, you can be rest assured that your items will be handled with proper care.

Do you offer packing products?

When you’re moving to Hilton Head, you want to make sure your belongings are packed in high-quality packing products. Moving companies offer some of the best packing products, so it is beneficial for you to gather these through your moving company.

For a safe and easy move, call All My Sons Moving & Storage.

If you’re in the situation where you can’t move into your new home right away, the Hilton Head movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have the best solution for you. We offer storage for all of your belongings and are here to tell you how to specifically store your grill when moving.

Before you can even store your grill, you must prepare it for storage. To start, you must remove the fuel from your grill. It doesn’t matter if your grill is a gas or charcoal grill, you have to remove any type of fuel that could potentially pose a threat to your storage unit. Most moving and storage companies make it a requirement to remove the fuel source from grills to eliminate the chance of a fire. If you have a propane tank all you must do is disconnect the fuel from the grill. If you have a charcoal grill, allow the charcoal to cool for at least 24 hours before removing them.

To keep your grill in the best condition while in storage, you should thoroughly clean it before you put it into storage because grease and food debris can break down the internal components of your grill. You should also make sure your grill is completely dry to prevent it from rusting while in storage.

When your grill is in storage, don’t forget to cover it. A good grill cover is waterproof and helps prevent from rust and corrosion. While in storage, the grill cover will prevent dust from getting on the grill. The grill cover will also protect your grill from any damage in the storage unit in case anything shifts or falls over.

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Why Hire a Moving Company in Hilton Head

Are you considering hiring Hilton Head movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage for your upcoming move? Let us tell you why you should!

If you are moving to, from or in Hilton Head, you should hire full service movers. The Hilton Head movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer full moving and packing services and have the certifications and proper training to make sure that your belongings are transported safely. Ultimately, practice makes perfect and our movers have had a lot of practice. All My Sons has been in the industry for more than four generations and pride themselves on providing you with superior customer service.

The Hilton Head movers will save you tons of time during your move. Our team has been properly trained to handle any move of any size and have the experience to get your move done quickly. Should you try to pack everything on your own, it could take you weeks to get everything done. If you let us do your packing and moving for you, you can spend more of your time elsewhere. You can spend this time with your family, at work or completing other moving duties.

Our team of professional movers also have the all the right equipment to safely move your belongings. We assess how much stuff you have and get the right sized truck and other hand tools necessary to move your stuff. You can also avoid injury if you let us move your stuff for you. The last thing you want to do when moving is tend to an injured back. We offer a variety of packing services so that you don’t even have to lift a box! Call us today for a free quote.